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Can I put pineapple in my porridge?

My latest hobby is going to M&S at the end of the day and buying things with yellow “reduced”  stickers on and then working out what I can do with them. Yesterday I picked up some chopped fresh pineapple so the obvious question this morning was “Can I put pineapple in my porridge?”

I’ve always resisted the idea of any kind of citrus porridge. Somehow it seemed wrong to combine the creaminess of oats with the acid of citrus. I’m not 100% sure if pineapple is officially citrus, but anyway it counts for this purpose in my mind. But I had the pineapple, and encouraged by a recent spike of interest in my Can I put fresh coriander in my porridge? post, I’d been meaning to embark on more porridge adventures, so I thought carpe diem.

Upon googling, I came across the inspired idea from Cate in the Kitchen of combining pineapple in porridge with coconut milk. I love pina colada (well actually virgin colada these days), so this was impossible to resist. It’s a bit of a departure for me; I normally make my porridge with water rather than milk as porridge was a habit I adopted originally with the intention of losing weight. Adding coconut milk to my porridge every day would certainly reduce its effectiveness on that score, but everything in moderation, right? Unsure whether the coconut milk would be enough to balance out the acid of the pineapple I decided to also add banana to my porridge.

So I started with my normal half cup of porridge oats


and then added a cup of coconut milk.

I microwaved for 4 minutes rather than my normal 3 as I didn’t think it looked cooked after 3.

I then added pineapple and banana, chopped up fairly small, and microwaved for another minute.

Et voila.

The verdict? This is divine. Possibly my favourite ever porridge. Definitely a bit of a luxury for me to have the coconut milk rather than water and on health grounds perhaps not an everyday recipe. But on the odd occasion when M&S are selling off cheap pineapple? No question, I will come back to this recipe. I absolutely love the deliciousness of the pineapple, banana and coconut in the hot creamy oats. Of course, you’ve got to like coconut which I know isn’t for everyone, but if like me you’re a colada fan then I’d love you to try this and let me know what you think.


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