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Can I put caraway seeds in my porridge?

The latest thing I’ve done is to sort all my ancient pots of spices by “best before” date. We’ve started using Anylist in our house, so I’ve made a list of all my spices in date order on Anylist. Now I’m working through them, starting with the oldest, putting them in whatever food I’m cooking. This is great for livening up my porridge adventures. It’s already prompted me to try star anise, saffron, cinnamon sticks and allspice, none of which I’ve managed to write about yet. This morning I got to caraway seeds. I’ve been hearing about Ultra Processed Foods (UPF) lately and thinking that my porridge experiences might help some people who want to have a less processed breakfast, so I’m making time to write about my caraway porridge this morning.

My family had just finished a jar of strawberry jam, so I rinsed out the jar with hot water from the kettle and added the dregs to my oats, along with the caraway seeds. I also added some ground almonds which I’m working through, having collected from someone on Olio as they’re past their best before date.

I microwaved for 3 minutes. I then grated an apple and also added frozen blackberries (foraged last year), blueberries, raspberries and cherries. I microwaved for 2 minutes. And then I added a chopped banana and microwaved for one minute.

The result. Yum! Oddly, I really like caraway, although for some reason I don’t really expect to. It always reminds me of the time we made pumpernickel, prompted by the foodomiser, which was surprisingly successful. It has a sort of toffee-ish flavour which seems to go really well with all the fruit. I’m pleased to find that I like it because when I sorted out myspices I found I have two practically full pots of caraway seeds to work through so I suspect this will feature in my porridge again.

Let me know if you decide to try caraway in your porridge. And if you’re looking for breakfast ideas, you may be interested to read about some of my other porridge adventures.

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